My research interests emerge from the intersection of international relations and comparative politics, which I think is an increasingly fruitful juncture, and politics and economics. In the past thirty years, states have become increasingly internationalized through  processes such as economic globalization, advancements in communication technology, and the evolution of international institutions. During the same time period, more states have experienced challenges to internal sovereignty, with civil wars outnumbering international wars at the beginning of the 21st century. How do these trends interact? How do international factors affect the internal politics of states? How do domestic politics affect international politics? How do changing incentive structures within both the international system and the state affect the strategies chosen by political actors?


International Cooperation on Migration

When and why do states seek to cooperate with other states on migration policy issues?

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Gender and Civil War Processes

How does the status of women within civil war-torn states impact the conduct of the war?

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Economic Growth and Post-Civil War Peacebuilding

How do war outcomes and post-war political strategies impact economic growth in post-civil war states?

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